Diet Revolution Now
Diet Revolution Now


The government has failed us

Cookie-cutter nutritional advice is not cutting it

The diet-du-jour industry fattens its bank accounts and dieters alike

Diet scams and miracle weight-loss centers come and go without lasting impact

The fast food / processed food industrial complex is more interested in getting us addicted to empty-calorie / high-profit foods than providing even minimally healthy fare

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About Michael Waldau

Born into the culinary epicenter of Vienna, in skiing-obsessed Austria, Michael developed a keen interest in nutrition – related matters and an active lifestyle early in life. Eventually this led to a self-taught education on these subjects. He became a certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist, and has been an ACE-certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach since 1997.
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Excerpt from the Book

Obesity and being overweight have become the standard in this country, not the exception anymore. Read more

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